(from Paros, Naxos to Paros)

  • Travel time

    7 days from June 16th on weekly bases.
    (departure on Saturday)

    Boarding at 18:00 PM
    Disembarking at 10:00 AM

  • Destination

    Paros, touristic port

  • Accomodation

    2 Guest rooms with queen-sized beds and private bathroom. Wifi Internet access throughout

  • Charter rate

    June: €. 650,00 per person, per week
    July: €. 750,00 per person, per week
    August: €. 850,00 per person, per week


Paros, Naoussa, Naxos, Koufonissi, Schoinoussa, Irakleia, Despotiko, Antiparos, Paros

NM 90 (90 Miglia)

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October 2021
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Our cruises depart every Saturday from June 16th until the end of September.
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We will leave Paros early in the morning to avoid the strong Meltemi which sometimes makes navigation difficult. This is the area of Greece with the strongest wind, especially in August. We will arrive in the beautiful bay of Naoussa at Norther coast of Paros, and then cross the canal to reach Naxos where we will spend the night in the delightful harbor just on the Chora seaside. The Chora of naxos is the most beautiful of the Cyclades.
In the morning, with the wind in the stern, we will put the bow towards the Small Cyclades that all consider the most beautiful islands of the Aegean. Exciting navigations await you, remote bays (often we will be alone), white beaches, Caribbean waters.

We will visit Koufonisi, Schoinousa, Irakleia, and then head towards Despotiko bay in Anti-Paros. Our cruise will end in the marina of Paros, after crossing the narrow channel between Paros and Anti-Paros.


We will arrive in Naxos from Paros with a sweet wind from North. Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades. We will moor to sleep in the port of Naxos, capital and main port of the island is a summary of its immense beauty and its refined refinement.

It is divided into four districts: Porto, the promenade full of shops, bars and taverns; Kastro, the fortified citadel, where the Venetians lived during the domination of the island; Bourgos, the area outside the walls of the kastro where the Greek population lived; Grotta, a district on the north side of the town, important from a historical point of view following a series of excavations that brought to light numerous archaeological finds.

Immense sandy beaches are perfect for enjoying crystal clear water

Small Cyclades

The Small Cyclades are a miniature dream. They are a mini-archipelago of six small main islands located in the sea mirror between Naxos and Amorgos.
It is a remote corner of Greece and still not very touristy in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
The sea is among the most spectacular in all of Greece, the water is always transparent and the beaches still untouched by mass tourism.
Among the six in which we will be touring, Koufonissi is the most chic island, fashionable but simple at the same time.
Schinoussa is chosen for the beauty of the sea and for its 12 white beaches, Iraklia is the sweetest and quietest.


The island of Paros offers enchanting views, among natural beauties, villages of white houses typical of the Cyclades and marinas with small fishing boats.
In the north of the island, the town of Naoussa overlooks a beautiful bay, with a glance effect on the row of white houses overlooking the marina where (if there is room) moor.

The many boats and fishing boats give the port of Naoussa a very characteristic and authentic appearance. To be seen! Coming from the Little Cyclades we will stop in the south of the island of Anti-Paros and sleep in the bay in the beautiful Despotiko bay with Caribbean water where a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo was found.

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